Development of LIDAR System Using Camera And Laser

Gürkan Küçükyıldız, Suat Karakaya

In this study, the instantaneous distances of the objects in the environment were studied by using camera and laser. In the developed system, a mirror was used to keep the camera and the laser fixed and change the view angle of both. The mirror is integrated into the system to provide a 45o angle to the focus line of the camera. One reducer DC motor is used to rotate the mirror in the system. In this way, the system can receive data at a desired speed and resolution in a 270-degree area. The codes for the system are written in Phyton environment and a development card based on the Atmel Atmega328p processor is used for controlling the DC motor in the system. It is seen that the developed system scans an area of 360o with a resolution of 3.30o within 1.8 seconds.

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