Gürkan Küçükyıldız, Suat Karakaya

In this work, we have been working on moving the robot arm instantaneously with Kinect. Kinect sensor and computer were used in the system developed for this purpose. In addition, one triaxial robot was developed during the study and the experiments were performed on this developed robot in real time. The movement of the three axis robot is provided by RC servo motors which are controlled by the Arduino Uno R3 card. The image obtained from the Kinect camera is skeletonized through the image processing program developed in the Processing 2.0b9 environment to find the joints. A vector is drawn on the human limbs to be angled. The lengths of these drawn vectors are given through trigonometric operations to give angles between the limbs. The obtained angle values ​​are sent to the Arduino Uno R3 board via serial communication, and then the servomotors that move the robot are rotated according to these angle values ​​to move the system. It has been observed that the system developed as a result of the experiments performed was successful and that the arms of the robot could imitate the movements instantaneously.