Romeda Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

What is MRO?

The MRO project is a maintenance management software solution developed by Romeda. This solution can be configured for all businesses from small organizations to large corporations. Production facilities are flexible enough to serve a variety of industries ranging from the filament, energy and healthcare sectors.


MRO within

  • Work orders and requests
  • Work charts
  • Preventive maintenance tasks and schedules
  • Assets
  • Inventory and spare parts
  • Equipment conditions

Monitoring and managing the data. With these tools, companies accelerate their processes while increasing their productivity.


MRO can run on different platforms

MRO is a web-based platform. It can be accessed from a PC or mobile device. With this compatibility, work orders assigned to maintenance technicians can be viewed from mobile devices. In addition, maintenance information from these devices is recorded on the MRO.

MRO for Industry 4.0 and IOT Projects

MRO has the appropriate technical infrastructure for industry 4.0 technologies and IOT projects.


Information from machines or processes can be viewed and processed in real time.